What if Marketing & Sales Were A Sport?

Rohling Sales Growth Advisors

Marketing and sales share many traits with the world of sports. When you think about it marketing and sales are really the sport of business. Are your teams aligned for optimal performance and delivering a winning season? Here are a few commonalities between sales growth and sports:

  • Recruit "A Players" for specific performance needs.
  • Practice together and support each other on a daily basis.
  • Set and work towards attaining clear & specific measurable goals.
  • A starting line-up needs to perform in order to keep their role.
  • Develop a playbook by which the team performs daily.
  • Clarity on goals and outcomes.
  • Internal respect, love, and support for each other.
  • A winning record is required.
  • Practice makes it possible.
  • Understanding the competition and how you can win.
  • Consistency and persistence drive activity and results.
  • Coaching with direct & encouraging feedback are internal game changers.
  • As goes leadership, so goes the team.

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