What Does It Mean To Future-Proof?

Rohling Growth Advisors, Future-Proof Your Organization

What does it mean to future-proof? Future-Proofing your organization means developing structure and process within your marketing, sales and customer functions. The purpose of a business is to have a customer. Without a constant stream of new customers and growth from existing customers we do not have the opportunity to make a profit.  Continue reading below or view the home of future-proofing, here.

In the course of daily fire fighting, the business of finding business often gets forgotten. Future-Proofing helps to make sure that new business development is always moving forward....no pauses in pipeline development.

Aligned Marketing

We are at a point in time where marketing and sales teams need to be more aligned than ever.  The traditional model of field sales for prospect development and customer services is being challenged by the digital age.  Inside Sales, Sales Enablement, Brand, Marketing, Customer Service are all very much part of the growth machine.  Depending on you your product or service Operations likely play an important role as well.  All groups must be aligned.

Lead Generation That Works

While I would encourage the occasional field stop in by your sales team, by itself this is not likely effective in today's world.  Consider the following and call me for a no-obligation strategy discussion.

  • Sales emails that generate activity.
  • Marketing emails that engage.
  • Automation that creates sales team activity.
  • Follow-through that wins.
  • Social Ads.
  • Content that promotes your message and engages.
  • Social activity and engagement.

Sales Processes

Developing a workflow that involves getting customers and prospects the right message at the right time by the right team member is critical.  Take the guesswork out of who follows up when and develop a strong knowledge base and playbook.

HUMAN™ Sales Management Coaching

Effective coaching is critical for employee development and retention.  The best process in the world will fail without solid coaching from sales leadership. Consider football or any sport, a great playbook cannot be executed without Coaching that motivates and common goals that are understood and embodied by the team.  

HUMAN™ Sales Management Coaching blends business science with empathetic leadership skills.  KPI's, data and processes are critical to business success but, great coaching will win the game.  At the end of the day leads generated (existing or new) and converted to sales is the game.

Customer Service Processes

Consider the following types of customer service:  Phone, Text messages, Email, Self-Service, Messaging, Social Media, Live Chat, In-Person.  With all of the effort and cost that it takes to find and develop new customers, it makes sense to develop a process that ensured that they become repeat customers, raving fans, or both. Developing ticket pipelines, knowledgebase content, feedback surveys, automation, and team response roles can go a long way in making sure that your customers are satisfied.New call-to-actionPh:  513-509-0044 | tim@rohlinggrowth.com

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