What is "Great" Sales Management?

Rohling Growth Advisors

"Great" Sales Management or Growth Leadership is a relative term. Is great sales leadership simply top-line driven or is the mark of sales management success a broader achievement?

Good sales management results in top-line revenue growth, but, great sales leadership builds for the future. The how is what separates good sales management from great sales management.

The truly successful sales leader has both analytic skills and they have human leadership skills. Human leadership skills blend both business science with caring and empathetic leadership. Additionally, successful sales leadership is working towards sustained growth.

The only way to achieve sustained sales growth is by coaching, managing, leading with clarity and positivity. Employee recruiting, onboarding, engagement and retention should be the primary functions of any Sales Manager.  "Great" Sales Management is a cross-functional leadership position that have ability to lead for sustained growth across multi-disciplines.

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