What is the Winning Formula for 2021 and Beyond?

Rohling Growth Advisors-Winning Formula

Well, it is an understatement to say that most of us have altered our work habits over the past 14 months. No need to spend time on the past in this article, let’s focus on future strategies and tactics that help us to accelerate our business's growth as we get back in action. Here a few forward-thinking ideas for you and your teams.

Build Processes & Implement within Your Marketing and Sales Teams

Process and structured execution are not just for the operations team anymore. In our brave new world, being able to develop and execute on tested processes can mean the difference between success or frustration. Do not become complacent and settle for reactive growth activity.

Build a Culture of “Reaching Higher”

This also speaks to the battle against complacency within your growth operations. Set achievable goals and stretch goals. Make sure that each team member is aware of them and coach the sales managers to help the team achieve their goals. Coach the coach, train the trainer etc.

Inspire Long-Term Sustainable Growth

Process, Structure, and a Positive culture are all necessary for growth. However, inspiration is the spark needed to get tactical execution off the ground. The best process in the world will fail without genuine positivity and empathy for your teammates. Positive leadership wins the fight!  Positive leadership is contagious and can turn into inspiration for the team.

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