What Makes A Great Sales Manager?

What makes a great sales manager?

Modern Sales Management is complex.  Today's sales managers are required to be cross-functional uniters.  Simply working with the field sales team is not enough.  Creating a positive customer experience requires a great team and processes.  To succeed at this task, sales leaders must provide their teams with the tools and coaching necessary to succeed. 

The successful Sales Manager needs to forge relationships and knowledge in many areas;

  • Human Resources - think alignment and clarity to goals.
  • Accounting - win-win compensation structures.
  • Management - coaching, transparency on goals and performance.
  • Leadership - development of the team goals and motivation to succeed.  Execute on the vision.
  • Technology - CRM, marketing platforms.
  • Brand - have a keen understanding of the brand and where it can win.
  • Marketing - content input, personas, targets, etc.
  • Data Analysis - customer mix, product mix, performance, margin, top-line.
  • Inside Sales - sales enablement, quoting, processing.
  • Outside Sales - clear goals, playbooks, resources, and processes.

In summary, modern Sales Management requires a highly skilled and trained individual.  A strong desire to continue learning and uniting across multiple disciplines is the key to successful Sales Management.  The HUMAN Methodology for Sales Management outlined below can help you to stay focused on growth leadership and creating a great customer experience.

The HUMAN model for Sales Management & Coaching incorporates both business science with human characteristics.  Here are a few concepts from the HUMAN model.


  • 80/20 Account Management

  • Pipeline & Management

  • Growth Enablement:  Marketing, Sales, Operations, Customer Service


Inaccurate pipeline management is leaving production and operations in the dark for planning, inventory and staffing needs. Harmony between sales and operations is a challenge.   Think Growth Operations not Sales & Operations.


  • Proactive Prospecting Engagement

  • Demographic & Generational Changes

  • Strategic Alignment


Re-tool your team for modern prospecting. What happens in the field tends to stay in the field. Understand buying preferences & time spent between appointment setting, account management, business development activities and non-growth functions.


  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

  • Growth Model

  • Growth Process

  • Growth Plan

  • TEAM Mission


Your metrics are not motivating or creating results. You have set metrics, pipeline requirements, revenue goals, gross margin goals, number of visits per day, number of appointments per week, but some of the team (or all) is not hitting the defined goals.


  • Articulating Expectations and Goals

  • Weekly Check-Ins

  • One-One Conversations with Frequency

  • TEAM Collaboration


The team works independently and does not communicate or readily share information. There is not a sense of unity towards a common goal.


  • Guidance and Training

  • Caring and Serving mindset

  • Recruiting Funnel

  • On-Boarding Process


The threat and cost of turnover is high. Consequently, leadership, management and team struggle to gain traction with internal, prospect/customer relationships and growth.

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