Which Sales Bucket Do You Spend Time Filling?

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Revenue comes from four potential buckets:

  1. New-New Revenue, new business from new prospects. 
  2. New-current Revenue, new business from current customers. 
  3. New-Past Revenue, new business from past customers. 
  4. Current-Revenue, established business that you need to retain. Always factor revenue attrition into forecasting. 

Each bucket requires a different approach based on fundamental consistencies. Which bucket do you and your team spend most of your time on? Regardless, here are three tips to help you harvest new business from each.

  1. Brand Messaging
    Now more than ever brand messaging is critical to turning new business your way. Spend time understanding your unique value and developing a strategy to convey this value to your target customers, current customers & past customers.
  2. Outreach
    Test your messaging with direct outreach to prospects. Determine what resonates. Good prospecting requires a scientific process to find the right combination of process stages and messaging that wins.
  3. Gratitude
    Gratitude earns appointments. Coach your team to talk with warmth and gratitude. Simply saying thank you for an action taken by a prospect or customer goes a long way towards earning more business.  

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